Please find on this page client feedback:

Client C- Simi was very helpful to me during a particularly difficult time when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. It was great to talk things through with somebody and collaboratively come up with individualised coping strategies and plans to help me cope with my current mood, feelings and behaviours. This has helped me with my personal, as well professional, life and relationships.It’s good to talk and to have somebody who actively listens to you, thank you Simi

Client F- At the beginning of my therapy I was absolutely overwhelmed by my anxiety but, session after session, my therapist showed me ways of copying with it and suggest me other ways of living my life and focus on positive things around me. If I will have other mental issues I will contact her again, because she made me feel good about myself

Client S- I felt with all the coping and sleeping information I was provided made me feel better and my sleeping improved. Best of all was the coping mechanisms she provided improved my whole outlook of life

Client A- These sessions allowed me to feel more able to cope with my anxiety and OCD symptoms, and reduce the effect they had on me. I feel much more in control.

Client C1- Simi was helpful from the first session. She was very reassuring and listened to every concern and need I had. I have been able to cope with OCD and manage my urges with the techniques that she brought to our sessions. I couldn’t have progressed if it wasn’t for Simi.

Client L-Simi was flexible, understanding and supportive throughout the sessions. In addition to listening she provided tools to help with coping with worry and I would have no hesitation recommending the services she provides.

Client L1-She was always open to me and personal in a way that I felt I needed, but was also professional in her understanding and general disposition. Overall, I feel I made a connection as well as was provided with an abundance of resources to reach into and learn about myself, and feel far more equipped for my own daily life.

Client E-The service was really helpful and allowed me to feel like I could talk about anything and learn how to cope more in depth with my issues

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